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Tuesday Trailers: Heroman, Detective Conan, and More

Why not kick off your day with a healthy selection of visual confections courtesy trailers for some up and coming anime, both in theatrical and broadcast form. First up is a 90-second trailer for the collaboration between studio BONES and Merry Marvel mastermind Stan Lee, Heroman.

The trailer will start playing automatically on the official site for Tamon Ota’s manga version, so check it out here if you’re curious. Anyone else getting some Gad Guard flashbacks from the robot?

Next is Senko no Night Raid, a series set in 1931 Shanghai, which is going about its promotion in a slightly different way with documentary style commercials concerning production. You can check out the fifth and sixth here and here. Night Raid premieres in Japan on April 5.

Finally, have a few theatrical trailers, the first of which belongs to Conan’s 14th film, opening on April 17, Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky. Lost Ship pits Conan against his rival the Kaito Kid once more, and trailers can be viewed in either 30-second teaser form, or the whole shebang.

Not to be outdone by some diminutive detective, Crayon Shin-chan: Cho Jiku! Arashi o Yobu Ora no Hanayome (also premiering on April 17) marks the 18th Crayon Shin-chan film. The website is showing off two videos here (30-second teaser) and here (100-second trailer). Both these and the Conan videos might prompt downloads for some.

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Heroman is © B, P, W/Heroman Production Committee, TV Tokyo