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FUNimation Gets Baka and Test, Dance in the Vampire Bund

If you’re in the market for more shows that are currently airing in Japan, FUNimation is delivering a couple more to your doorstep as we speak. This week they announced the acquisition of both Baka and Test — Summon the Beasts and Dance in the Vampire Bund.

For the uninitiated, Baka and Test is a 13-episode series by Silver Lake, directed by Pani Poni Dash‘s Shin Oonuma. Dance in the Vampire Bund is a 12-episode series by SHAFT with direction by Masahiro Sonada of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Both series begin their streaming run… today! FUNimation is rolling out the first two episodes of Baka and the first four of Vampire Bund, with more popping up on a weekly basis as the shows continue their run. Check out the official websites of both for more information and updates.

Baka and Test — Summon the Beasts
Dance in the Vampire Bund

All this vampire excitement has me itching to philosophize like the Count in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: “What is a bund!?”