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Studio 4ºC Takes on Thundercats

Remember when pretty much every Saturday morning cartoon had white-hot opening credits followed by abysmal animation for the next twenty minutes? Warner Bros. Animation is looking to fix that issue with a revival of Thundercats—which was itself a co-production between East and West—by putting Lion-O and friends in the capable hands of Studio 4ºC.

Just in case that name remains a mystery name to some, 4ºC have contributed to most of the big anthology movies, from The Animatrix to Halo Legends, and have animated some slick full-length efforts with stuff like Tekkonkinkreet and Mind Game.

The revival of the ’80s classic already has me chomping at my sugary cereal, and it’s set to run on Cartoon Network. I’d say something like “hopefully they can do the original justice,” but come on. We’re talking about Thundercats here; a simple coat of paint would already improve things ten fold. Definitely looking forward to this.

Source [Variety via ANN]