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Square Enix Gets Final Fantasy VII Fans’ Hopes Up, Crushes Them

Millions of Final Fantasy VII fans suddenly cried out in joy and then subsequent terror Saturday as Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII would be coming to Playstation 4… as a slightly tweaked version of the PC port.

The announcement of a simple port of a game for which fans have been demanding a full-fledged remake for years was dubbed by sites like Kotaku as “the worst troll in recent video game history.”

The (non-existent, just to be clear) remake of Final Fantasy VII has been hoped for ever since 2005 – yes, almost ten years ago – when Sony and Square showed off the then-new Playstation 3 by rendering Final Fantasy VII’s opening sequence using the new hardware.

As for the port coming to PS4, it’ll be “enhanced” with upscaled graphics, achievements and the same “character booster” as the 2012 PC port, which allows players to max their characters’ HP and MP.

As a gauge of just how happy fans are with this announcement: as of this writing, the YouTube video is sitting on 2,000 likes – and 12,000 dislikes.

Source: Kotaku

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