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Sonic Ice Cream Bar Goes MIA Due to COVID-19, Causes Internet Panic

Sonic The Hedgehog ice cream bar with GUMBALL EYES

COVID-19 has caused a lot of misinformation to spread around the internet, but the new myth surrounding Sonic The Hedgehog ice cream bars might be the most insidious. Manufacturer Blue Bunny has been producing the Sonic ice cream bar since the 90s, but its absence in some areas during Juneteenth weekend caused internet users to conclude that Sega’s greatest cultural institution had been discontinued. Rumors spread across Twitter and Reddit, and a change.org petition was even drafted, according to Silicon Era.

On Monday a social media representative for Blue Bunny returned to work, presumably with their inbox flooded and their desk piled with pleading letters from Sonic fans. Their speedy reply denied rumors of discontinuation and reassured fans that ice cream’s sharpest licensed product would be continue to be produced.

Blue Bunny’s Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream bar is often derided for its predilection to melting and refreezing en route to customers. In these cases, Sonic’s signature hedgehog spines have lost their razor-sharp points, and his GUMBALL EYES have shifted to a position which is more faithful to Mega Man’s 90s licensed appearances. To be fair to the ice cream bar, its melted appearance is still more faithful to Sega’s mascot than the initial design for his Hollywood film. Those who played Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 on launch will remember that any temperature above the melting point of an ice cream bar is a temperature which would cause your Xbox 360 to suffer RROD.

Sega’s Mike Cisneros recommends stockpiling Sonic ice cream bars on sight. In the case of a second COVID lockdown, they will definitely be more important to have on hand than toilet paper.

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Source: Silicon Era