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Sleep Tight with These New Totoro Goodies


Is it ever possible to have too much Totoro? Character goods shop Perfect World Tokyo doesn’t think so, and the Japanese site grape covered their adorable new releases.

First up is a Totoro sleeping bag, great for sleep-overs or just for fun. Totoro himself makes up the sleeping bag, and you have an acorn zipper to open and shut it. You can use Totoro’s face as a place to rest your head, but it also has its own pillow. The pillow contains stitched images of Chu-Totoro and Chibi-Totoro. This set costs about $126 (13,200 yen).


If that one pillow isn’t enough for you, there’s also this one. One side has Totoro and Chu-Totoro. The other side has Chibi-Totoro with leaves and acorns. This pillow costs just under $16 ( 1,650 yen).

And though they’re currently out of stock, grape couldn’t help sharing this Totoro towel pillow case.

Do you have any favorite Totoro items?

Source: grape


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