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Slayers 30th Anniversary Album Gets Nostalgic Teaser Video

Slayers 30th Anniversary Album Gets Nostalgic Teaser VideoBelieve it or not, the Slayers franchise is 30 years old.

The series about sorceress Lina Inverse and pals that became a touchstone for anime fans in Japan and abroad started life as a light novel series back in 1990. The first anime adaptation, a 26-episode series staring Megumi Hayashihara, followed five years later.

That series and its sequels, including follow-up series, OVAs and films, featured many iconic themes, many performed by Hayashihara herself. Those songs are the stuff that makes up the forthcoming Slayers 30th anniversary album Slayers MEGUMIXXX.

That album is being promoted with a new teaser video that’ll get the nostalgia flowing for anyone who watched Slayers. It also features a brand-new Slayers-themed song written for the album called “two thumbs up!”.

Slayers MEGUMIXXX contains three CDs of Slayers songs. The first limited-edition printing also includes a 40-page photo book.

If you’ve never gotten around to watching Slayers, now’s the time. According to because.moe, it’s currently streaming on Hulu and Funimation in the US.

Source: ANN

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