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A Silent Voice Anime Film’s English Dubbed Screenings Scheduled

a silent voiceEleven Arts Anime Studio has further plans for acclaimed anime film A Silent Voice, based on the manga by Yoshitoki Oima. Next up is the English dubbed version, which is coming to theaters on February 2.

Advance tickets are on sale now along with a listing of theaters, and you can see the new English dub trailer below.

A Silent Voice has also been submitted for consideration in the Animated Feature Film category for the 90th Academy Awards.

Director: Naoko Yamada
Original Story: Yoshitoki Oima
Runtime: 130 min
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: Not Rated, Treat as PG-13

Synopsis: The story begins with a deaf elementary school girl named Shoko Nishimiya who transferred to a new school and meets a boy named Shoya Ishida. Shoya, who is not deaf, leads the school in bullying Shoko since she could not communicate with everyone normally. The bullying escalates, and suddenly it was announced one day that Shoko has transferred to another school. Immediately, the class and even Shoya’s closest friends turned to bully him for having bullied Shoko. Shoya lost contact with Shoko and for years was tormented with emotional trauma over his past. Upon entering high school, Shoya finally decides he must find Shoko once more, determined to make amends for what he did in elementary school and hopes to become Shoko’s friend. Along the way, he meets new and old faces, and struggles with many complicated relationships and feelings.