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Shueisha Launches Free Manga Submission Service for Creators

manga plus creators

Creators now have a new space to play in, and this one has ties to one of the largest manga publishers in the world. Shueisha has teamed up with MediBang Inc. to release MANGA Plus Creators by SHUEISHA, a new manga submission platform for English- and Spanish-speaking creators around the world. 

The MANGA Plus Creators service aims to provide creators with a new manga submission experience, complete with community features that further connect the author and the readers. The free service is accessible from anywhere in the world, and is linked with manga reader service MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA, home to titles like One Piece, SPY x FAMILY and more. The MANGA Plus app will even have a special section for the Creators platform, opening up new stories to a wider audience.

There will also be Monthly Awards, with rewards including cash prizes of up to a million yen and the official publication of awarded works on MANGA Plus and on the Japanese service of Jump+. Available separately for English and Spanish submissions, the top 5 submissions with the highest ranking will be nominated for awards each month, and the editors at SHUEISHA will review the submissions to decide which is the best work. 

Those who use the JUMP PAINT by MediBang app—which allows for manga creation with over 90 brushes, 800 screentone types and official Weekly Shonen Jump fonts—will find the platform even more convenient thanks to a new direct submission process. 

If you just want to read what everyone else creates, the MANGA Plus Creators by SHUEISHA app has plenty of that to offer too, including the work of popular creator Saikomic, all available to read for free. Let us know if you check out the app, and that goes doubly so for anyone who decides to try their hand at the submission process!

Source: Press release