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Shriek at the Kazuo Umezu Documentary Trailer

It’s no secret that we love Kazuo Umezu here at Otaku USA. This adoration can be sung ever louder in October, especially as we approach Halloween, a time in which Umezu’s creations absolutely thrive. There’s no better time than now to go pick up what’s available in English, whether it be the 11-volume future shock of The Drifting Classroom or the episodic frights of Cat-Eyed Boy.

Gwashi! Umezu Kazuo Desu documents the life of the 73-year-old mangaka, who has been startling Japan since his debut in 1955. Director Koji Ito, who works on Umezu’s website, as well, has been filming Umezu for three years for the doc, which also includes interviews of various members of the manga industry.

The documentary opens at Shimokitazawa Tollywood in Japan on November 23, 2009. Check out the trailer embedded below, which features IKKI EIC Hideki Egami, among others.

Source [Nippon Cinema]