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Score a Solid Gold Gundam Statue for a Mere $240,000

solid gold gundam

The Mobile Suit Gundam series has been around since 1979, so it deserves some true solid gold recognition. You can get in on the latest celebration of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s hit if you have a loooot of spare money in the bank, because hardcore fans will soon be able to order their own solid gold Gundam statue.

The main 1/100 scale statue available is a U-Works Solid Gold RX-78-2 Gundam (Beam Rifle Ver.), which stands at 180mm tall and is crafted from 1000 grams of 24 karat gold. Only 20 will be made, and it comes with an eye-popping price tag of ¥26.4 million, or about $240,777 with tax included.

Those who fall on the side of Zeon can get the U-Works Solid Gold Char’s Custom Zaku II statue—175mm tall, 1000 grams of 24k gold, and limited to 20 units—for the same price.

For slightly less (but still a ton of money), there’s also a version that’s 100mm tall and crafted from 140 grams of 24k gold for ¥3.96 million ($36,116), limited to 10 units.

A special website will open up for orders on April 20.

Via Crunchyroll