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Sate Your Hunger for BEASTARS Season 2 with These Anime

BEASTARS Season 2 is coming! What will you doin the meantime?

If you’re anything like us, just the mention of BEASTARS Season 2 has you hungry for more. Paru Itakagi’s manga turned anime has all eyes on it. But what will we do in the meantime? Here are a few anime series you can sink your teeth into. While nothing will ever match the exact vibe of BEASTARS, these will hit some of the right notes while we wait.


Interviews with Monster Girls

Interviews with Monster Girls

Here’s a show that lacks the animal population of BEASTARS Season 2, but addresses the idea of overcoming differences. Interviews with Monster Girls takes place in a world where being a mythical creature is more akin to having a medical condition. Being a vampire, dullahan, and so on take a toll on your body and need special treatment. And, in some cases (like the show’s succubus teacher), demi-humans have to take precautions to not hurt others.

At its core, it’s a series about understanding people from different walks of life. There’s no murder at its center, fortunately, but there’s a lot of questioning and learning. Our heroes learn lessons, let go of preconceived notions, and find that demi-human status occasionally has its perks.

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Aggretsuko brings a different kind of animal rage

BEASTARS Season 2 will take us back into the world of a school populated by animals. On the other hand, there’s Aggretsukoa show that stars anthropomorphic animals, but addresses issues unique to adult office life.

If you haven’t met Retsuko the adorable red panda yet, you’re missing out. She’s a lot like us. She has a job. She wants certain things out of life. She’s got anxiety and takes out her aggression by singing death metal. (That’s all stuff that’s true of all of us, right?) Unlike BEASTARS, you won’t see a lot of drama concerning what types of animals hang around with (or even date) each other. So if nothing else, you can rest easy there.

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Seton Academy: Join the Pack!

Seton Academy: Join the Pack!

If you’re excited about BEASTARS Season 2 but want something a lot sillier in the meantime, Seton Academy: Join the Pack! has your number. It’s another anime about a high school full of animals, but it handles its character designs slightly differently. That is to say, all the female students are cute animal-ear girls and all the boys are straight-up animal people.

Also unlike BEASTARS, Seton Academy features two human students. Jin Mazama just wants time with pretty fellow human Hitomi Hino. But the school’s many cute animal girls also want time with him — and he hates animals. Through him, they learn that animals of different species can make friends, and even form meaningful bonds. He still just wants time alone with Hitomi, though. It’s an upbeat change of pace to enjoy in the meantime.

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What shows will you be watching as you wait for season 2 of BEASTARS?

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