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Sailor Moon Highlights Its First Live Show Restaurant in New Promo

sailor moon

In the world of firsts, there’s something special about being able to call your establishment the world’s first Sailor Moon show restaurant. That’s the position SHINING MOON TOKYO of Azabujuban, Tokyo is in. The restaurant opened on August 15, and its official website shared a minute-long promo video to show what its cast, live performances, and store interior are like.

Nelke Planning—which previously worked on a bunch of stage play adaptations, including the Sailor Moon musicals—is the company responsible for SHINING MOON TOKYO’s stage show. Akiko Kodama, a former Takarazuka director who has worked on the Fairy Tail stage play and 2015’s Live Spectacle Naruto, is directing, and you can see a sample below.

Via Crunchyroll