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Ryo Yoshizawa Joins Cast of New My Hero Academia Movie as Original Character

new my hero academia movie

The official site for the new My Hero Academia movie, My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes’ Mission, updated with a new cast addition this week. Getting in on the third big screen outing is Ryo Yoshizawa, who will voice original character Rody Soul.

Rody is a boy who lives in a trailer near a location Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki explore to remove bombs set by HUMANIZE, a terrorist group with plans to eliminate everyone with Quirks. Rody is said to be reserved and unwilling to reveal his true intentions, and despite his carefree and humble demeanor, he doesn’t believe in heroes.

Here’s a look at the character design:

And Ryo Yoshizawa at the My Hero Academia DRAWING SMASH Exhibition on April 27:

The new My Hero Academia movie opens in Japan on August 6.

Via Comic Natalie