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Cinderella Nine Game and Anime Get Live-Action Drama Adaptation

cinderella nine

Originally starting out as a smartphone game, Akatsuki’s girls high school baseball saga Cinderella Nine was adapted into a TV anime in 2019, and now it’s set to make the leap to live-action. A TV drama has been announced for the series, with the TV Tokyo debut set for July 7.

The drama comes with a totally new title, Hachigatsu wa Yoru no Batting Center de (At the batting center at night in August), and the story is similarly different. This take on the source material follows high school girl Mai Natsuha, who takes on a part-time job during summer break, and former baseball player Tomohiro Ito, who claims he can pinpoint a person’s problems with the swing of a bat. Thus, he begins solving the problems of the women who visit the batting center by relating their daily lives to baseball.

You can see both cast members—Nagisa Sekimizu as Mai and Toru Nakamura as Tomohiro—in the image above.

Via Crunchyroll