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Rumiko Takahashi Shares Her Work Schedule, and She Barely Sleeps

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Inuyasha creator Rumiko Takahashi recently set up a Twitter page and encouraged fans to ask her questions. When asked about her daily schedule, Takahashi gave a detailed reply . . . and showed she barely gets any sleep at all.

SoraNews24 provided the translation of her response:

“Before noon: Do the inking for seven or eight pages of character artwork
● Noon: Eat lunch, do housework
● 4 p.m.: Read, do housework
● 7 p.m.: Eat dinner, do housework
● 9 p.m.: Start drawing new artwork
Next Day
● 9 a.m.: Temporarily stop working, go to bed
● Noon: Eat lunch, do housework
● 4 p.m.: Start drawing
● 7 p.m.: Take a break, eat dinner
● 8 p.m.: Start drawing again
Day after that
● 9 a.m.: Finish working”

According to this, she’s getting three hours of sleep between pulling all-nighters. It’s become a well-known fact that manga creators work really, really hard, and this demonstrates just how far they might go to get their work done.

Source: SoraNews24


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