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Little Ways Urusei Yatsura Pays Tribute to Its Roots

Urusei Yatsura may be shiny and new, but it's filled with the original spirit

This season’s remake of Rumiko Takahashi’s Urusei Yatsura has new stuff all over. The animation is shiny and new, the cast is fresh, and there are even new theme songs by MAISONdes. Fortunately, everyone involved hits all the right notes (literally and figuratively), making this a fun take on the show for old and new fans.

But there are other little ways that this new series pays tribute to the original. From music cues to familiar voices in new roles, the fingerprints of the original anime adaptation are all over this all-star reimagining. Have you caught any others?


Lum’s Love Song

Lum invades

Urusei Yatsura has had plenty of theme songs over the years, the most recent being “AIUE” by MAISONdes. But for our money, “Lum’s Love Song” will always be the most iconic. It’s become an anison staple, covered by professional and amateur singers alike over the decades. So how will we go on without this legendary piece of music? Simple: we won’t.

The tune was not only a theme song, but also a returning leitmotif for the series. And that hasn’t changed in the 2022 adaptation. From the moment Lum beams into the Moroboshi family home, you’ll hear “Lum’s Love Song” in the background constantly. It feels a bit like coming home after all these years. Some things never change, after all. Lum wears a tiger-striped bikini. Ataru is a hot mess. And we need that song in our ears.


Generational Casting

Ataru's parents and Cherry

Sumire Uesaka and Hiroshi Kamiya are doing a great job as the new Lum and Ataru. New voices will always take a moment to adapt to, but the spirit is there. If you find yourself missing the original Urusei Yatsura it couple, though, just keep your ears peeled… you’ve heard one of them already!

Toshio Furukawa, the original voice of Ataru, has returned to play Ataru’s long-suffering dad. And if you find yourself missing Fumi Hirano as Lum, just wait a bit… she’ll be returning as Lum’s mom! It’s a clever bit of casting we’re super fond of, and a great way to keep the faves around.


Just Little Things


Honestly, the full list of hat tips would take a while. The Urusei Yatsura manga panels (real and recreated) in the opening. Lum briefly throwing in a few steps from her original opening credits dance. The neon shooting star imagery that kicks off the ending theme sequence. All tiny things that are over in a second, but that root the show in its own history. You can tell the creators have fond memories of the original series, and are doing their best to preserve it.

With all those little similarities in mind, we’re looking forward to seeing what’s different. How will the makers of this new series take the opportunity to make it even better than before? Is that even possible? We’ll be watching this season to find out.

Speaking of Ataru, he’s just one anime boyfriend who really needs to say those three little words.

Kara Dennison

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