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Review: Space Dandy Anime Returns!

Review: Space Dandy Anime Returns!

Season 2, baby. Space Dandy is one of the most original anime to come out in years. It tells the story of a man named Space Dandy and his brave crew as they hunt for undiscovered alien species. They also die in every other episode. Shinichiro Watanabe’s latest series has been getting a lot of well-deserved love since its world premiere on Toonami. Last weekend the show aired the first episode of its second season and it did not disappoint.

“I Can’t Be the Only One, Baby” is all about alternate universes. Thanks to a callback from the first episode (yes, this show does have continuity), the crew of the Aloha Oe end up traveling through different dimensions and their respective Dandys, Meows and QTs. Even the alternate narrators arrive on the scene. Things start to fall apart and all of the crews have to put their heads together to avoid breaking the universe (again).

The humor in this episode is what you’d usually expect from an episode of Space Dandy—meaning you really don’t know what to expect. The first jump into an alternate universe came out of nowhere and I couldn’t control my laughter. Other than that, you’ll be seeing a lot of loving homages to other anime (and also Michael Jackson).

Review: Space Dandy Anime Returns!

If you’re new to Space Dandy, this episode is a good place to jump in. But for those of you who have been following the show since January, there’s a treat for you. Most people would say that Space Dandy has no continuity. I mean, how could it when the entire cast literally died in the first episode? But if you pay attention and have a good imagination, you can notice some subtle hints of the show building up to something and possibly explaining the show’s craziness.

This season looks like it’s going to be even better than the last one. This is the last season of Space Dandy and it shows no signs of faltering. I’m looking forward to the next episode. You can catch world premiere episodes of Space Dandy only on Adult Swim’s Toonami every Saturday night (Sunday morning) at 12:30am.

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