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Toonami Announces Nostalgic Toonami Rewind Programming Block

Toonami Announces Nostalgic Toonami Rewind Programming BlockAnime fans of a certain age will appreciate this. Toonami/Adult Swim have just announced a new Friday night programming block called Toonami Rewind, which will feature shows from when “Toonami was your after-school vibe.”

The block starts May 31 with Sailor Moon, two episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai, and Naruto.

Now, because it’s not the old DiC dub of Sailor Moon, and because it’s the Kai version of DBZ, it’s not exactly what us millennials were watching after rushing home from school back then, but it’s pretty close. Plus, Toonami’s Jason DeMarco has confirmed that they’ll be using some nostalgic graphics and music during breaks.

What other classic shows would you like to see Toonami Rewind broadcast?

Source: ANN

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