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[Review] Everyone’s Getting Married

Asuka can’t wait to get married. Although she’s a very successful and hard-working real estate agent, her goal in life is to be a homemaker. She wants to be the one to create a safe haven for her husband and children. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to find a guy who wants the same thing. Her longtime boyfriend dumps her instead of proposing, and after that she can’t seem to catch a break. Most of the eligible bachelors, she discovers, want a wife who’s willing to help them bring in the dough—or they don’t want a wife at all.

The worst of these men is television personality playboy Ryu Nanami (aka Nanaryu), who declares that he never wants to get married. “A married man seems like a monk to me,” he says. How rude! Asuka simply can’t stand him, but she keeps bumping into him anyway. Wait, she couldn’t be falling for him—could she? And he couldn’t be falling for her in return—could he? Just you wait! Will Asuka and Nanaryu compromise their opinions on marriage for the chance at true love? Only Volume 2 will tell!

So, yes: by now, you probably suspect this is a shojo manga, and you’re right. Everyone’s Getting Married fits the shojo romance criteria to a T. Soft tones and flowing linework with sparkles and flowers? Check. Winsome yet spunky female lead? Check. Handsome yet infuriatingly hard-to-catch male romantic lead? Check. Is this manga riveting? No. Is the art amazing? Not particularly. But is it a fun afternoon read? If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted, pretty romance (and if you don’t have strong opinions on whether or not a woman should set aside a promising business career when she gets married), then yes.

Publisher: Viz

Story and Art: Izumi Miyazono

Rating: 13+