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Ranking Super Smash Bros. Player Opening School to Teach Game

super smash bros.

The 122nd best Super Smash Bros. gamer in Japan, who is known as Souther, says he’s offering a special Super Smash Bros. school, though he hasn’t said how much he’s charging for it.

“I have set up a school to help all Smash Bros. players who want to get better at the game,” Souther wrote online. “At the moment, there are so many tips and strategy guides online that it’s hard to find which ones are actually good. At this school, lessons are taught based on the assumption that you have zero experience, so you can learn with peace of mind.”

Souther continued, “Courses are like what you have at university, and lessons are what you have at high schools. At university, the emphasis is on self-learning. The teacher will teach and if you don’t get it, it’s up to you to study and catch up. At high school, the teacher drills you until you get it, and doesn’t allow any fooling around, skipping class or sleeping in class. Also, you get homework in high school and not at university.”

The implication is that Souther’s school would be more like high school. And why is the gamer so gung-ho on this?

“I want to improve the Smash Bros. community,” Souther wrote. “I think it’s better to encourage new players to get better and mix things up than to just stick with the same old pros winning over and over. That’s why I’m working hard to make this school happen.”

Would you take lessons to get better at Super Smash Bros.?

Source: SoraNews24


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