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Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Wii Now Up for Sale for $300,000

golden wii

You may recall a story back in 2019 about a gold-plated Nintendo Wii that was sent to Queen Elizabeth II over a decade ago. Naturally, the package never actually made it to the Queen herself, but the shimmering curiosity lives on, and now it’s up for sale to anyone who can afford it, royalty or not.

THQ commissioned the original creation of the golden Wii as part of a Big Family Games publicity stunt. Even though The Queen never got her hands on it, collector Donny Fillerup did, and he’s currently looking to make some money to get his own place and move on with his life. With Donny’s collection up for auction, the 24 karat gold-plated Wii has been listed on eBay as a Buy It Now item for a whopping $300,000.

Anyone got some money to burn?

Via Kotaku