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Read Part of Ito’s Lovesickness and Hear from the Master Himself in New Video

VIZ Media recently released Lovesickness, a new manga from horror master Junji Ito. The company put together a video letting you read a little bit of the manga (with creepy music in the background), and the video is both introduced and concluded by Ito himself.

“Hello, all you lovesick loonies!” Ito greets his fans while wearing heart-shaped glasses. “Don’t you just love scary stories? Today’s tale is all about love at first fright . . . I mean sight! Let’s Read ‘The Beautiful Boy at the Crossroads.’ Our story begins with one girl caught at the intersection of love and horror.”

The video then switches to the aforementioned first chapter of Lovesickness. And if you watch all the way to the end, Ito has some final thoughts!


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