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Prison School Anime Dub Cast Listed

FUNimation is getting ready to begin another season of its Broadcast Dubs program, which has English-dubbed versions of current-season series running relatively close to their original debuts. First up is Prison School, starting tonight at 8:30pm Eastern Time on the DubbleTalk Block.

With the dub close to debut, FUNimation went ahead and revealed the full English cast for the series that adapts Akira Hiramoto’s award-winning manga. See who’s playing who along with a preview below.


Austin Tindle


Eric Vale


Sonny Strait


Chris Bevins


Clifford Chapin


Tia Ballard


Whitney Rodgers


Alexis Tipton


Kristen McGuire


Smokey DeLange




Sonny Strait

 ADR Director

Jeremy Woods

 Lead ADR Engineer

Patrick Morphy

 Additional ADR Engineer