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Prince of Tennis Celebrates Valentine’s Day with 24-Hour Music Stream

prince of tennis

If you don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans lined up just yet, why not spend it with the boys of The Prince of Tennis series? The franchise has a special event planned for the big day, which will be celebrated with the help of a 24-hour music marathon.

The marathon will stream on Nico Nico Douga tomorrow, and will specifically feature all the different versions of Sayuri Kokushō’s “Valentine Kiss” pop song that the Prince cast members have covered. They’ve been doing this since the cover by the Junichi Suwabe-voiced Keigo Atobe, which was featured on a character CD in 2004. Now it’s a full-on tradition, with a new CD released each year.

You can see the character CD covers throughout the years, from the original to the one that just hit Japan on January 29, and hear a sample in the promo below.

Via Comic Natalie