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Prince of Tennis 3DCG Movie Drops New Trailer with Theme Song

The 3DCG Prince of Tennis film Ryoma! Shinsei Gekijōban Tennis no Ōji-sama (translated as Ryoma! Rebirth: The Prince of Tennis Movie) will hit Japanese theaters on September 3. Ahead of this a trailer has been released, and in it we can hear the theme song “Sekai o Teki ni Mawashitemo” (translated as “Even if You Make an Enemy of the World”). The song is performed by TeniPuri All Stars (which is a fancy way of saying it’s the main voice actors in the anime).

The movie is unusual in that there are going to be two different versions of it. The different versions are called “Decide” and “Glory,” and while much of the two versions will be the same, they each alter when they concentrate on different sets of characters.

The original Prince of Tennis manga began publication in 1999.

Source: ANN


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