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3 Ways to Fill the Pretty Cure Void ’til Delicious Party Returns

Delicious Party PreCure gets hit by Toei hack

Yeah, so. That Toei Animation hack was a doozy. In short, a lot of our favorite shows will have to take a few weeks off as things get fixed. That includes One Piece, Digimon, and Delicious Party Pretty Cure, just to name a few.

We’re scheming up ways to tide ourselves over ’til the next episodes of all the big titles, but this is where we’re starting. Because really, we need our weekly dose of culinary magic to keep our spirits high. We won’t leave you hanging if you’re a fan of Toei’s other big shows, though! For now, here’s how we’re navigating the Deliciousmile-less seas of the next few weeks:


Catch up to Previous Pretty Cures

Kira Kira Pretty Cure a la Mode

We may not have every Pretty Cure season available overseas yet, but we have several. More than enough to keep us busy until Delicious Party returns… provided you’re not already fully caught up, of course.

Crunchyroll has the very first season, as well as Kira Kira Pretty Cure a la Mode and the most recent couple of seasons. Two seasons are also on Netflix as Glitter Force, though your mileage may vary there.


Get Cooking!


It’s not just the Pretty Cure fights and magic we’re missing. Delicious Party is full of tasty food, and occasionally drops simple cooking tips that families can use together. Fortunately, there’s plenty of anime-themed cooking content out there.

The Babish Culinary Universe hosts Anime with Alvin, a series of recipe vids recreating dishes from your favorite shows. (Admittedly it’s mostly Food Wars!, but there are a couple of outliers.) YouTuber Kristin Lagman did a complete A to Z of Studio Ghibli food, from anpan steamed buns to Zeniba’s tea time cookies. And Emily Bushman, whose Bake Anime cookbook comes out later this year, has anime food videos galore, too.


Check out some Tokusatsu

Baton pass

Pretty Cure takes tons of cues from the world of tokusatsu, from seasonal reboots to baton passes. So why not dive into some of its inspiration?

Shout Factory’s TokuSHOUTsu channel has a hefty selection of Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and more. You can just pick one and start marathoning. You’ll also find discussions of tokusatsu on their social media, and cool special events to celebrate the anniversaries of major series.

Not a Pretty Cure fan? Never fear: we’ll help you through your other delayed Toei faves soon!

Still need things to do? Let’s reminisce about Magia Record!

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