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One Piece, Digimon and Other Broadcasts Delayed Due to Toei Animation Hack

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It turns out the recent hack of the Toei Animation website has wreaked a wee bit of havoc with some of the actual productions out of the studio. After finding their internal systems compromised by a third party on March 7, the company closed down its online shop and temporarily closed some of those internal systems during the ongoing investigation. As a result, production schedules for some of the major shows have been impacted.

Those shows include One Piece, Digimon Ghost Game, Delicious Party Pretty Cure and Dragon Quest the Adventure of Dai, all of which will not be airing new episodes this week. One Piece and Digimon Ghost Game were already taking a week off due to the nationwide broadcast of the Nagoya Women’s Marathon, and Dragon Quest and PreCure will both air repeats on March 12 and 13. Then, starting on March 20, all Toei Animation shows will be hit with delays.

Just how widespread and long-lasting those delays will be remains to be seen.

Via Crunchyroll