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Precure All Stars F Now Series’ Highest-Grossing Anime Film

precure all stars f

The Precure All Stars F anime film opened in Japan on September 15, and it just made history for the series. As announced via the official website, the film has pulled in 1.19 billion yen (about US$8 million) in the 25 days since it opened, making it the highest-grossing theatrical Precure entry of all time. 

Precure All Stars F marks the 20th anniversary of the Pretty Cure series, bringing 77 characters together from the 20 TV anime series that have spawned since its inception. The film opened in 344 theaters across Japan, taking the second place spot in its opening weekend before moving to third place for the two weekends that followed. 

While this one actually raked in fewer admissions than the previous top-grossing entry—2018’s Hugtto! PrecureFutari wa Precure: All Stars Memories brought in 993,000 admissions compared to the new film’s 978,994 admissions—the box office gross is up due to higher ticket prices. 

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Via Crunchyroll News