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Plan Your Own Endless Eight Summer (Minus the Time Loop)

Living an eternal summer in Endless Eight

From August 17-31 of one fateful year, the members of Haruhi Suzumiya‘s S.O.S. Brigade experienced a nearly-eternal summer. The story of “Endless Eight” started as one high school student’s attempt to make the most of the end of summer break, but turned into literal centuries of repetition. To be fair, though, Haruhi’s ideas weren’t all the worst…

Removing the god-like powers from the equation, and perhaps a little of the breathless urgency, there are still a few ways to mine Haruhi’s list for big summer plans. We’ve picked through Haruhi’s packed list of essential summer experiences for a few you can do anywhere… and, if you want to line up with the story, the dates on which to do them.


August 18: Bon Festival

A traditional Bon Festival

One of the highlights of Endless Eight is the Brigade’s trip to a Bon Festival, where (on some repetitions) Mikuru gets to try goldfish scooping. It’s probably easier said than done to get to a Bon Festival, but today would be a great day to learn more about them!

YouTube channel Inside Japan has a video explaining Obon, from its placement on the calendar to the different ways families honor their ancestors. For a more firsthand feel, check out Rambalac’s walkthrough of Ebisu during Obon.


August 21: Stargazing

Stargazing with Kyon and Koizumi

One of the recurring activities in Endless Eight was stargazing, complete with telescope. This might be a little tricky depending on where you are, of course: lots of city lights means diminished visibility. But on a clear night (maybe even Haruhi’s chosen night of August 21), consider taking a break to see the stars! Be sure to check for any cool astronomical events happening over the summer.


August 23: Fireworks

Time for fireworks!

We’re with Haruhi on this one… it just isn’t summer without one fireworks show! If there aren’t any near you, check out this half-hour display from Nagaoka in 2019.

Also, we’re obligated to tell you to observe all local rules when it comes to launching your own fireworks, et cetera. There, you’ve been warned.


August 26: See a Movie

Taking in a summer blockbuster

The short story version of Endless Eight didn’t feature a trip to the cinema, but you can catch the anime-version S.O.S. Brigade taking in a flick. Fortunately, this is one of the easier entries on the list… and a good excuse to finally sit down to that film you keep saying you’ll watch. Maybe The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya? Whether you’re braving a cinema or aligning online for a group watch with buddies abroad, grant yourself that little bit of down time!


August 30: … have we forgotten anything?

One final check...

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Endless Eight, it’s that you can’t just quantify what makes a summer “perfect.” Haruhi had some great ideas, as we’ve seen… but before autumn steps in, stop and ask yourself what you really want to do. Sometimes it’s something seemingly insignificant. Maybe a chat with a friend from far away, maybe a quiet night reading… heck, maybe your homework.

Fortunately, if you can’t think of anything else to do, you won’t be jolted back to August 17. At least… we don’t think you will be. Check that list carefully!

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