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These Anime Girls Are Also Irresponsible Gods

Leshea, Gods' Games We Play

Some anime girls are just so adorable, we’d let them get away with pretty much anything. That’s all well and good if the extent of their mischief is skipping school or playing pranks. But when those same girls also happen to be literal gods (or as close as their world gets), there’s going to be trouble. Especially if they happen to be super irresponsible.

These three god-tier girls are wielding powers beyond human reckoning, and they’re an absolute mess. But we can’t help but love them. Usually.




Kazuma’s isekai life is wall-to-wall messed-up anime girls, but we’re pretty sure Aqua takes the cake. She’s kind of the whole reason the events of KONOSUBA kick off. When she gives Kazuma the chance to live a new life in a game-type world after his untimely death, he drags her with him.

In another show, this would be some Ah My Goddess-level cuteness. But Aqua is primarily concerned with money and adoration. As for her powers… well, if you’re in the mood for party tricks, you’re in luck. Will she shape up in the new season? Probably not, but we’ll be watching anyway!


Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya

Few anime girls have quite the cult following of Haruhi. The star of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is only interested in hanging out with paranormal peeps. What she doesn’t realize is that she herself is also a paranormal peep. Her god-tier powers can bend reality to her whims, and may in fact have done so three years prior to the beginning of the series.

In fairness, she can hardly be expected to take responsibility for powers she doesn’t even know she has. But she’s still causing scenes wherever she goes, from making cherry blossoms bloom out of season to summoning dangerous celestial beings. Not to mention getting her friends (and her viewers) stuck in a time loop.


Dragon God Leoleshea

Anime girls or irresponsible gods? Why not both?

This season’s new anime girls have a literal god walking amongst them. In Gods’ Games We Play, gods combat their boredom by challenging humans to a series of games. Any specially-gifted human (or Apostle) who wins ten games will win a prize… though no one knows what that is yet. One of those gods is, or was, Dragon God Leoleshea. Or just Leshea for short.

While she’s still got impressive powers, she’s been locked out of heaven. Why? Because a long time ago she fell asleep while playing hide-and-seek with humans, and she ended up going full Last Airbender and getting frozen in a glacier. Now she’s back… and she’s recruited humanity’s strongest Apostle to help her open a way back home. The series recently premiered, so you can get to know Leshea right now!

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