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Gods’ Games We Play Shares Trailer, Announces Simulcast Dub

gods' games we play

A new teaser trailer for Gods’ Games We Play has dropped ahead of its April 1 debut, and that’s no April Fool! On top of that, there’s more info on the English dub, including the fact it will be released simultaneously with the Japanese schedule.

Crunchyroll also shared details on the dub’s cast and crew. Looking toward the cast, Ryan Negrón plays Fay, Trisha Mellon plays Leshea, Rebecca Danae plays Asta, Molly Searcy plays Miranda, Kristin Sutton plays Meep, and Kristian Eros plays Male Reporter. The dub is being directed by veteran voice actor and director Mike McFarland, with Zach Bolton producing and August Cline working as the engineer.

The anime was originally made at Liden Films, with Tatsuya Shiraishi helming the project as director. The music was composed by both Yoshihiro Watanabe and Gin.

Gods’ Games We Play started out as a light novel series by Kei Sazane and Toiro Tomose. Yen Press is publishing the series in America, and gave this description for the plot:

In their (overabundance of) free time, the gods grew bored and decided to create challenging battles of wits to spice things up! Their opponent? Humanity! A select few players called “apostles” meet the gods on the spiritual realm’s playing field to beat the deities at their own games. A former god named Leshea has woken after sleeping for thousands of years, and her first demand is to meet “this era’s very best player!” She is introduced to Fay, an acclaimed rookie apostle. Together, they plan to challenge the gods and win the ultimate prize, but no one in human history has managed to clear ten games—because the gods can be capricious, outrageous, and sometimes downright incomprehensible! In the face of absurdity, what can the apostles do but enjoy the contest to its fullest?

Source: Crunchyroll, Crunchyroll


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