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Otaku Matchmaking Can Have Some Double Standards For Men and Women

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There are plenty of different matchmaking services out there, including ones in Japan that provide for otaku. SoraNews24 reported on an otaku matchmaking event taking place next month from the service Party Party, where male and female respondents have different requirements.

The requirements for women are pretty simple and straightforward:

“Between the age of 25 and 34 and currently looking for a romantic partner.”

The requirements for men have a longer list:

“Between the age of 26 and 34″
“Does not look like an otaku”
“Good conversationalist”
“Earns more than 4.5 million yen (US$42,000) a year or is a civil servant or is a college graduate or is over 175 centimeters (68.9 inches) tall”

Party Party went on to tell the women:

“You’ll probably be able to meet a wonderful man like the kind that appear in manga and anime What do we mean by the kind of cool and friendly man you’d see in a manga?”

For examples, it listed off Fuji from The Prince of Tennis, Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke, Kou Mabuchi from Ao HaruRide, and Sugawara from Haikyu!!

Some have questioned the double standards, though, as SoraNews24 points out, it’s not unheard of for matchmaking services like these in Japan to have a different set of rules for men and women. This also leads us to the ever-burning question: what does an “otaku” look like? If you wanted to date an otaku, would you care what they looked like, their height, or their income?

Via SoraNews24

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