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Osamu Tezuka Shop and Cafe Opens in Tokyo

Oh boy!

A shop and cafe based on the works of Osamu Tezuka, he of Astro Boy/Tetsuwan AtomPhoenix and Black Jack, just opened up in Asakusa, Tokyo.

We’re not sure we quite believe this, but apparently it’s one of only two shops in the world (the other is in Tezuka’s home prefecture) that sells merchandise like toys and figures based on Tezuka’s characters.

Aside from the usual stuff, the shop features some cool products that blend Tezuka’s characters with Japanese traditions, like kokeshi dolls and Nishijin textiles.

That makes sense: the Asakusa district is known for being a traditional, old-school part of the city.

The second floor hosts a cafe with Tezuka-themed food and tatami mat floors, another traditional Japanese facet.

Source: The Japan Times

Matt Schley

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