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One Piece Manga Editor Feels Strongly That It’s “Drawing to a Close”

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Could it be? Could Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga actually be on the cusp of reaching its climax? The author has teased ending plans and vague trajectories in the past, but now editor Yuuji Iwasaki has backed up some of those plans in an interview with Sankei News.

According to Iwasaki, who is the manga’s 11th editor, he has “a strong sense that it’s drawing to a close.” He added that the story is “advancing faster than we ever imagined,” and that “more and more mysteries [are] being uncovered every week.”

Last time we checked in on the moving goalpost that is the One Piece manga ending, Oda said the series has around four to five years left. That was in 2020, and it seems that plan remains in place. “When I talk with Oda-san, we always discuss the end of the story,” Iwasaki said. “The climax of Wanokuni is just around the corner. With the end in sight, all that remains is to keep moving forward.”

That’s the best part for the rest of us. All we have to do is enjoy the ride!

Via Crunchyroll