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NHK Poll Reveals Japanese Fans’ Favorite Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Moon (1992)

Sailor Moon shows no signs of her popularity waning after decades, with a new movie coming out and a new wedding reception theme. The Japan Broadcasting Corporation, or NHK, did a poll on which characters from the anime are most beloved to fans.

More than 80,000 people were surveyed, with almost 90% of them being women. And instead of, say, Usagi and Sailor Moon counting as the same person, people were asked to vote on each version of a character.

The results have been released. Drum roll, please . . .

20. Sailor Jupiter
19. Black Lady
18. Luna (human form)
17. Tomoe Hotaru
16. Sailor Mars
15. Usagi Tsukino
14. Sailor Neptune
13. Princess Serenity
12. Sailor Venus
11. Fish Eye
10. Sailor Mercury
9. Ami Mizuno
8. Makoto Kino
7. Sailor Saturn
6. Michiru Kaioh
5. Kou Seiya
4. Minako Aino

Who are the top three? Here’s where things get especially interesting:

3. Haruka Tenoh
2. Sailor Moon
1. Sailor Uranus

What do you think of the results? And what do you think of someone other than Sailor Moon taking first place?

Source: SoraNews24


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