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Next Simulcast from Viz Media: Tiger & Bunny

The name may sound closer to some extremely kiddy fare, but Tiger & Bunny is actually the title of the latest action series Viz Media has acquired for simulcasting on vizanime.com.

Directed by Karas‘s Keiichi Sato, Tiger & Bunny takes place in the metropolitan city of Stern Bild, where superheroes known as NEXT fight to uphold peace. The heroes of NEXT are full-on sponsored by various corporations, and their exploits are broadcast on a popular show called “HERO TV,” in which they each vie for the annual “King of Heroes” title.

The story centers on one such member of NEXT, Wild Tiger, who fights crime with veteran instincts. His methods clash with those of his boss, and they’re really put to the test when he’s forced to team up with a rookie hero, Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Sunrise’s latest seems primed to follow an enjoyable action formula, and hopefully it’ll live up to the pedigree behind it. We’ll all find out when the first episode is simulcast on Saturday, April 2, with new, free episodes following weekly starting at noon PST each Saturday.