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New People Offers Weekend Screening of Gundam Unicorn

There are already multiple ways to catch the latest entry in the Mobile Suit Gundam universe; download for a small fee, or cough up beaucoup bucks to own each episode on Blu-ray. Now the folks at New People are offering up one more thanks to a weekend of limited theatrical showings.

The screenings run from Saturday, April 2nd through Sunday, April 3rd, and include separate subbed and dubbed showings of each episode. Ticket prices vary, with the first episode of Mobile Suite Gundam UC set at $8, and episodes 2 and 3 at $10 each.

That’s still about 1/5 price of the Blu-ray editions, which will also be enjoying advanced, slightly discounted sales at New People’s retail store through the weekend. Volume 1 will be priced at $44.98 (MSRP $49.98), with volumes 2 and 3 going for $49.98 each (MSRP $59.98).

Head to New People’s film site for more details, including show times for each episode.