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New to Sentai Filmworks: Infinite Stratos

Sentai Filmworks recently announced the latest addition to their anime lineup, Infinite Stratos, a 12-episode series from 8-Bit (Durarara!!, Macross Frontier) that premiered in Japan on January 6.

Like quite a few series, Infinite Stratos is based on a series of light novels. These particular novels, written by Izuru Yumizuru, follow the students of the IS Academy, which trains candidates to pilot the Infinite Stratos weapon system.

The catch: IS can only be used by females. This changes when Ichika Orimura joins the student body and becomes the only male in the world who can use the system. As the press release exclaims, “It’s one Boy Vs. all the Girls, and the question isn’t who’ll come out on top… it’s who will survive the educational experience in INFINITE STRATOS!

Source [ANN]

Image © Izuru Yumizuru, MEDIA FACTORY/Project IS