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New One Piece Film: Red Uta Project Music Video Debuts 

The Uta Project continues for the One Piece Film: Red promotional campaign, this time with the third music video. This one features singer Ado, who collaborated with Vaundy on the track “Gyakko,” and you can see the full video below.

The video features direction by Hirobobu Nagasawa, illustrations by Sohin and art direction and design by .MP. 

The full Uta Project plans were first revealed last month. Here’s the remaining schedule:

  • “Utakata Lullaby” (teaser) by FAKE TYPE. on July 20
  • “Sekai no Tsuzuki” (teaser) by Yuta Orisaka on July 27
  • “Kaze no Yukue” (teaser) by Motohiro Hata on August 3
  • “Utakata Lullaby” (full version) by FAKE TYPE. on August 6
  • “Sekai no Tsuzuki” (full version) by Yuta Orisaka on August 10
  • “Tot Musica” by Hiroyuki Sawano on August 17 

ONE PIECE FILM RED opens in Japan on August 6, with a global release to follow this fall. 

Via Anime News Network