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New Godzilla Teaser Shakes Its Way Through Tokyo

Here it is: the first glimpse at 2016’s Shin Godzilla, co-directed by Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno and live-action Attack on Titan mastermind Shinji Higuchi.

And apparently, neither man has ever heard of a tripod.

We kid. But if this short teaser is any indication of the style of the actual film, Shin Godzilla will definitely join the ranks of monster movies like Cloverfield, where the chaos of a monster attack is seen from the chaotic point of view of the attackees.

On the other hand, this may be a piece of video specifically made to tease us, and might not even show up in the actual film. These things have been known to happen.

Shin Godzilla will be released July 29, 2016 and as huge fans of the big G, we will keep you updated until then.

Source: Kotaku

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