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Netflix’s Castlevania Series Gets Second Season This Summer

You like Castlevania, don’t you?

Sure, that’s actually a quote from Metal Gear’s Psycho Mantis, but it might as well be one from Netflix, who seem to have found enough Castlevania likers to continue the animated series based on the video game franchise.

Series writer and producer Warren Ellis took to Twitter this week to announce the show’s second season would hit the ‘flix this summer.

As a nice bonus, the second season will be eight episodes instead of the first season’s four.

The Netflix series is based loosely on Castlevania III, and stars vampire hunters Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, Grant Danasty, and Alucard in their attempt to stop Dracula.

Prepare for more vampire whipping this summer.

Source: ANN

Matt Schley

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