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Don’t Let These 2024 Netflix Anime Slip Under the Radar

There are lots more great Netflix anime coming in 2024 - don't let these pass you by!

Netflix went all out at this month’s AnimeJapan, releasing an absolutely packed 2024 slate. There’s lots to be excited about, from the final season of BEASTARS to the continuation of Delicious in Dungeon to new Gundam and UltramanWith so many big titles coming to the streaming juggernaut, it’s understandable if a few Netflix anime go under the radar. But, just as with PLUTO before it, there are some titles we’re pretty sure you’ll be sorry you missed.

Here are three upcoming releases that, despite being kind of a big deal, may not get the same level of press as Baki vs. Kengan Ashura. Which will you be adding to your queue?


My Oni Girl

My Oni Girl

When it comes to Netflix anime movie news, we’re all kind of wound up in the acquisition of The Boy and the Heron. Understandably so. But it’s also worth keeping eyes on the upcoming film My Oni Girlthe latest from Studio Colorido. The studio behind A Whisker Away recently partnered up with the streaming site, with this film being the second of three planned collabs.

The movie will follow human high-schooler Hiiragi as he unexpectedly befriends demon girl Tsumugi. A summer meeting turns snowy as he joins her on her quest to find her mother in the human world. The film premieres on Netflix on May 24, in line with its Japanese theatrical debut!


The Grimm Variations

The Grimm Variations

If you tend toward shows that might be described as “ominous” and “dark,” you might already be getting recommendations for this upcoming Netflix anime. The Grimm Variations is the latest fractured fairy tale project—a collaboration between Netflix, WIT Studio, and legendary artist collective CLAMP.

The six-episode anthology series will put a grim spin on six classic fairy tales, from Cinderella to the Pied Piper. With scripts penned by prolific anime scriptwriter Michiko Yokote, we can look forward to some wild spins on the stories we think we know. The show kicks off April 17.




The Netflix anime lineup includes a lot of shows made just for fans of classic manga and anime. (For example, the aforementioned PLUTO.) Lovers of all things retro will want to check in on this year’s T・P BON, which is being produced to celebrate the 90th birthday of late manga artist Fujiko F. Fujio. Even if you don’t know the name, you’ll likely know his most famous creation: the classic kids’ series Doraemon.

The series follows a normal boy named Bon who becomes part of a team of time agents. His mission? To save people’s lives during major historical incidents. The series premieres May 2 on Netflix.

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