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CASETiFY Announces Doraemon Co-Lab Full of Cool Smartphone Gadgets

Doraemon is flying in for a Co-Lab with CASETiFY!

Even if you’ve never watched an episode or read a chapter of Doraemon, you’ve likely encountered a reference to it. The classic kids’ manga and anime series is an enduring part of the Japanese entertainment landscape, referenced in other titles and even inspiring an ongoing series of films. And now, it’s the subject of an upcoming CASETiFY Co-Lab!

Soon, you’ll be able to deck out your daily carry with everyone’s favorite robot cat from the future. Read on to take a look at what’s on offer and learn more about both halves of the upcoming collaboration.


What Is Doraemon?

Doraemon daily carry

First launched in 1969, Doraemon was the work of legendary manga creator Fujiko F. Fujio. The series follows the title character—an earless robot cat from the 22nd century—on his quest to look after the young Nobi Nobita. The reason? Nobita’s grandchild has sent Doraemon back from the future to ensure his grandfather makes good decisions, ensuring a good life for his descendants. Unfortunately for future Nobitas, Nobi is a lazy kid who’d rather read manga than do well in school.

In a sort of more wholesome Terminator scenario, the futuristic robot uses his dimensional pocket full of gadgets to help Nobi and his friends out. Usually this “help” causes bigger problems, and wacky hijinks ensure. While the original manga is long over, the adventures continue in anime, films, and the occasional Story of Seasons video game spinoff.



Coordinated accessories

Phone and electronic accessories brand CASETiFY has already shown its love for anime fans repeatedly through its many Co-Labs. Past collaborations have included new designs based on One Piece, Evangelion, and many more. These Co-Labs include cases, chargers, airpod cases, and much more. Many lines also include a one-of-a-kind item… like the wildly popular gold transponder snail airpod case.

These launches also often have big events attached, and the Doraemon launch is no exception. Visitors to participating stores can say hi to shoppers in locations around the world through a life-sized Anywhere Door, just like the one in the show!


The Doraemon Collection

Dorayaki headphones

CASETiFY’s upcoming Doraemon Co-Lab will let you add some retro anime style to your daily carry. Any Anywhere Door phone case will be among the goods on offer, along with cases, chargers, stands, and much more featuring imagery from the classic series. Our favorite, though, is what you see above: a pair of headphones styled after Doraemon’s favorite snack, dorayaki!

The Co-Lab will kick off March 27. In the meantime, you can check out the Co-Lab page and shop their other anime collections!

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