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mono, Manga by Laid-Back Camp Creator, Reveals Anime Series

mono, Manga by Laid-Back Camp Creator, Reveals Anime Seriesmono, a four-panel manga by Afro, the creator of Laid-Back Camp, is getting a TV anime series. The manga is about a group of high schoolers in a cinephoto club, which combines their love of movie making and picture taking.

That may explain why the new teaser trailer for the series is actually a 360-degree panorama! Click it and see for yourself, or strap on a VR headset if you’ve got one for the ultimate mono preview experience.

The series is directed by Ryota Aikei, who may be best known as an assistant director on Jujutsu Kaisen. Scripts are being handled by Yoko Yonaiyama (A Sign of Affection), and animation is taking place at Soigne.

Said Afro in a comment:

Thank you for the mono anime adaptation! Laid-Back Camp can be explained in one phrase: “a story about going camping.” But mono is set in Yamanashi, where the characters play with action cams, shoot horror movies, go shopping for ham, visit a wine cellar, participate in a gluttony challenge, and do many other things, so it is hard to explain in one phrase. Please watch the anime to see what I am talking about!

mono hit the pages of Manga Time Kirara Carat in March 2017, and is ongoing. The fourth collected volume will hit shelves in Japan this April.

Source: ANN

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