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Mother (Earthbound) Songs Gets New Recordings, Release

Mother (Earthbound) Soundtrack Gets New Digital ReleaseWhat’s the greatest JRPG series of all time? Final Fantasy? Dragon Quest?

For my money, it’s Mother, also known as Earthbound, the quirky, fourth wall-breaking, modern day-set RPGs by writer Shigesato Itoi.

Aside from their incredible scripts and memorable characters, one of the best things about the Mother games are their soundtracks. Now you can get those incredible songs in your earholes all over again thanks to Mother Music Revisited.

It’s a 10-song selection of tracks rearranged and rerecorded by Keiichi Suzuki, who co-wrote the music for the first two games in the series. You can stream or download the album on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. I’m doing it right now!

Aside from his work on Mother 1 and 2, Keiichi Suzuki is known as a member of the band Moonriders. He’s also composed music for films like Tokyo Godfathers and Outrage.

Source: ANN

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