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Horror Manga Pioneer Kazuo Umezu’s First Movie Has a Trailer

Pioneering horror manga author Kazuo Umezu is taking a big step at age 77 and directing a horror movie, Mother, that’s set to come out in September. Shochiku, the film’s distributor, released a short teaser for the movie last week, and it looks… about as strange as you’d expect, knowing his other works.

Umezu might not be a name American readers are too familiar with, but he’s a fairly well-known figure in Japan. A big part of that is because he’s a hugely important figure in the world of horror manga, responsible for genre-defining works like The Drifting Classroom, but mostly it’s because he’s a weird dude, known for wearing the same Where’s Waldo outfit every day, and even going so far as to paint his house in red and white stripes to the horror of his neighbors.

sounds like it’s going to be an appropriately strange piece of self-referential wackiness. The story centers around an editor investigating Umezu’s life for a book and uncovering more than she bargained for, with things getting particularly strange as she digs deeper into the mystery surrounding Umezu’s dear departed mom.

The film opens September 27, and I have a feeling we’ll be writing more about it closer to release.

Source: ANN