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Monster World IV Headed to PSN, Xbox Live Arcade

If ever I pictured myself reporting on Monster World IV making its way to North America, I figured it would be a Wii Virtual Console story at best. But no, this is even better.

If the Monster World series doesn’t ring a bell, that’s ok. The combination of a relatively young readership mixed with those that didn’t follow Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games back in the day will do that. Rest assured, though, this is one worth anticipating.

Before importing the Playstation 2 port of the title I had only heard in passing how great this adventure-platformer is. It definitely holds up to its hype with boatloads of charm, and side-scrolling action that goes well beyond that of any other game in the Monster World series.

While importing it was a sound decision at the time, everyone else will be glad they waited. Especially because of one level that requires the player to answer a series of riddles to progress. Yea… that was an interesting hurdle to overcome. Hopefully the translation will be sound, and we’ll keep you posted when more concrete release dates surface.

Source [Destructoid]