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Manga Author Wants Elon Musk to Pay Up For Using Art Without Permission

Kentaro Sato, creator of the horror manga Magical Girl Site, noticed that Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk used an image from Sato’s manga without permission or credit. Sato retweeted Musk’s use of Sato’s work in a meme, commenting, “Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk has reprinted my drawings on Twitter without permission, so please give me one billion.”

A billion yen, or about $7,190,000? No. Sato continued, to make himself clear, “In dollars.”

It’s not known if Sato is really asking for a billion dollars from the use of his image, or if he’s joking.

For good measure, Sato showed where in his manga the image was taken. If you’re keeping track, this can be found in chapter 103 of the series.

And whether Sato is joking or not, Musk has not responded, and might not be aware of this going on. A number of people have responded to Sato, though, giving their thoughts on whether or not what Musk did is copyright infringement, or if it falls into the category of fair use. But since these are Twitter users and not lawyers educated in copyright law, it’s not going to give real answers.

Seven Seas Entertainment publishes Magical Girl Site in English, and gave this description for the first volume:


Asagiri Aya has a difficult life. The middle school girl the target of cruel bullying at school by day, and violent abuse at home by night. One day, while surfing the web, she came across a creepy figure who granted her a gift of magic power…”

The Magical Girl Site manga began in 2013 and concluded in 2019, with the story contained in sixteen volumes. Seven Seas Entertainment has published the entire series.

What do you think about the situation here?

Source: Yahoo News


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