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Make an Appointment with The Dragon Dentist Anime on Home Video

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What originally started as an 8-minute ONA (original net animation) from the Rebuild of Evangelion project’s anime studio Khara is now a feature-length adventure! The Dragon Dentist follows a girl with a mighty, nay, colossal task ahead of her, and it can be yours with Sentai Filmworks’ Blu-ray and DVD combo release.

You’ve likely seen a handful of shows and movies about battling dragons, but how about working as a dragon dentist? As you might have guessed from the title, that’s the task at hand for young Nonoko, who must boldly go forth into the jaws of her country’s dragon protector to make sure everything is as clean and disease-free as can be.

This intimidating yet routine task becomes anything but when she finds an unconscious soldier stuck between the dragon’s teeth. Next thing Nonoko knows, the two of them are thrust right in the middle of a disastrous series of events, all of which delicately intertwine with the destiny of herself and her people.

the dragon dentist

Produced by Evangelion‘s Hideaki Anno and directed by Ōtaro Maijō, the fates that unfold in The Dragon Dentist are every bit as epic as you would expect. You’ll be able to dive in yourself and share the journey with friends with The Dragon Dentist on Blu-ray and DVD, available for pre-order now ahead of an October 31 launch.

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